Success Story #1

The seller had tried selling his side-by-side duplex with other agents who added the mortgage, the commission, taxes and other expenses and figured in some "start over" money for the seller. "Joe" had gotten too ill to work, lost his job, got divorced and his mortgage payment adjusted up $1,000 a month; paying his mortgage was not financially possible.

The property did not get any offers and one could get financing for this property as the property was priced too high to appraise for financing. The seller called us, we listed the property at a price just below the market price and got an offer the very first week it was on the market. The buyer was an investor and the seller was able to sign a lease and did not have to move. "Joe" is one of our biggest referral sources and is pleased he could remain in the home he could not afford to pay for and maintain.

Success Story #2


We sold a couple a lovely house a few years ago. They bought the house "at the top of the market" when homes were more expensive. It was their dream home and they loved it. They both had good paying jobs and had just re-carpeted the whole house and completely re-done 3 full bathrooms with gorgeous tile and body sprays in the shower, along with custom cabinetry and vanities.

Mr. Seller lost his job and was diagnosed with cancer and then suddenly Mrs. Seller lost her job too. There was nothing they could do that would enable them to keep the house. They now had a home equity line of over $100,000 besides their mortgage and could not pay either one. Their unemployment checks were being delayed due to the high volume of people submitting claims.


They could not do a loan modification with insufficient income to pay the modified rate, and the debt now exceeded the market value of their dream home. There was no other option but to short sale the home. We advised them as to de-cluttering and staging the home so it would appeal to potential buyers. They met with an accountant and an attorney. We put the house on the market and priced it well and promoted it throughout the area. In less than a week we had almost 50 showings and after the open house (attended by more than 40 people), we celebrated having 8 offers over the asking price with a turkey dinner we brought to the house. The celebration was bitter sweet...the sellers were sad to have to leave their home for an out-of-state job, but happy that we received an offer quickly and they were able to go on with their lives.


Success Story #3

Sam and Linda got divorced within a year of buying their new home. Sam lost his job and his new job did not pay as well as the old one. Linda's hours were cut to part time and she had moved to her own small apartment with a roommate to share the expenses. They could not afford the mortgage and home equity loan they had gotten to do the deck and landscaping. We got two offers over the asking price within a short period of time and both of the sellers were able to begin separate lives. Within 2 years, if they maintain good credit and their job situations continue to improve, they will be able to buy other homes.

Success Story #4

Susan's father died unexpectedly and left her the house which he had mortgaged heavily with both a first and second mortgage (a HELOC, which means Home Equity Line of Credit). While most people would think an inheritance was a good thing; in this case it was not. We listed the house as a short sale and quickly got an offer that closed within 60 days so Susan was not left with the burden of the property, the payment, nor the upkeep of landscaping and could finally put her father's estate to rest.

Success Story #5

Sara's husband was killed in a car accident leaving her as the sole supporter for their 3 small children. The job she had was not enough to support the children and the mortgage. We listed the house and within a few short months Sara and her children were living in an apartment they could afford and no longer had the burden of bills that surpassed her diminished income.

Success Story #6


Tom's small business met with financial problems and his wife's income was not enough to meet the mortgage payments. Their son had just started school and they loved their home and did not want to move. We were able to arrange a loan modification AT NO CHARGE to them and the payments that were once too high were now affordable and they were able to stay in their home. It is important to note that there is no charge for this service if this is an option. DO NOT pay anyone to do a loan modification for you. This activity may be illegal and contrary to what some of those companies tell you, the money is not refundable. DO NOT PAY TO DO A LOAN MODIFICATION.